Cremeblend Blush Pro Palette

Cream Formula, Blendable, Portable

5.6 g / 0.19 US oz
  • So Sweet, So Easy  Cream
    Bright yellow pink
  • Brit Wit  Cream
    Dusty rosey mauve
  • Posey  Cream
    Warm peach
  • Something Special  Cream
    Light coral
  • Ladyblush  Cream
    Warm neutral coral

Powder Blush / Pro Palette Refill Pan

5+ Textures, Professional, Pro Palette Pan

6 g / 0.21 US oz
  • Taupe  Matte
    Soft Beige Brown
  • Fleur Power  Satin
    Soft bright pinkish-coral
  • Tenderling  Sheertone
    Nude pink
  • Melba  Matte
    Soft coral-peach
  • Modern Mandarin  Satin
  • Peony Petal  Satin
    Bright blue pink
  • Lovecloud  Satin
    Bright mid-tone pink
  • Format  Frost
  • Burnt Pepper  Matte
    Warm Rich Terracotta
  • Cantaloupe  Satin
    Rich Warm Cantaloupe
  • Coppertone  Matte
    Peach brown
  • Devil  Satin
    Bright Coral Orange
  • Dame  Satin
    Sophisticated blue-pink
  • Rhubarb  Satin
    Bright Magenta
  • Well Dressed  Satin
    Immaculate pink
  • Blunt  Matte
    Muted golden brown
  • Apple Red  Satin
    Fire Engine Red
  • Margin  Frost
    Peach with golden shimmer
  • Style  Frost
    Coral-peach with gold pearl
  • Desert Rose  Matte
    Soft reddish-burgundy
  • Azalea  Frost
    Bright Iridescent Blue Pink
  • Mocha  Matte
    Soft plum-pink
  • Harmony  Matte
    Muted rose-beige brown
  • Frankly Scarlet  Matte
    Vivid rose-red
  • Breezy  Sheertone Shimmer
    Plush plum with red pearl
  • Cubic  Satin
    Soft muted pink
  • Prism  Matte
    Muted pinkish-brown
  • Full of Joy  Frost
  • Fever  Matte
    Intense reddish-burgundy
  • Buff  Matte
    Soft muted pinkish-peach
  • Raizin  Matte
    Golden reddish-brown
  • Peaches  Sheertone
    Pure peach
  • Pinch Me  Sheertone
  • Sincere  Sheertone
    Muted beige/coral
  • Blushbaby  Sheertone
  • Gingerly  Sheertone
    Capri bronze
  • Breath of Plum  Sheertone
    Light plum
  • Peachtwist  Sheertone Shimmer
    Light peach with gold pearl
  • Dollymix  Sheertone Shimmer
    Pure candy pink
  • Trace Gold  Sheertone Shimmer
    Gold with shimmer
  • Sweet As Cocoa  Sheertone Shimmer
    Chocolate brown with gold pearl
  • Sunbasque  Sheertone Shimmer
    Gilded peach with pearl
  • Plum Foolery  Sheertone Shimmer
    Faintly plum
  • Springsheen  Sheertone Shimmer
    Golden tawny peach
  • Peachykeen  Sheertone Shimmer
    Very baby peach
  • Ambering Rose  Sheertone Shimmer
    Muted rose

Pro Longwear Blush Pro Palette

8-Hour Wear, Colour-True, Portable

6 g / 0.21 US oz
  • Eternal Sun  Semi-Matte
    Warm brown
  • Make You Mine
    Dirty salmon
  • Rosy Outlook  Semi-Matte
    Light yellow pink
  • Stay Pretty  Semi-Matte
    Light bright blue pink
  • Whole Lotta Love  Semi-Matte
    Light blue pink
  • Baby Don't Go  Semi-Matte
    Light cool beige
  • Stay By Me  Semi-Matte
    Light peach coral
  • Fleeting Romance
  • Blush All Day  Semi-Matte
    Light dirty rose beige
  • Stubborn  Semi-Matte
    Midtone rose plum