3.6 g / .12 US oz
  • Smoked Almond
    Bright rosebrown
  • Eros
    Warm hot pink
  • Hellebore
    Vibrant midtone purple
  • Galaxy Grey
    Light white grey
  • Claretcast
    Midtone magenta
  • Medium Rare
    Creamy soft pink
  • Postmodern
    Amped coral pink
  • Toast and Butter
    Peachy cinnamon
  • Cordovan
    Deep rose red
  • Marsala
    Deep magenta pink
  • Life's Blood
    Bright berry red
  • Dionysus
    Deep plum
  • Gumball
    Creamy blush pink
  • Stallion
    Deep Black
  • Ambrosial
    Bright plum pink
  • Fireworks
    Vivid bright red
  • Blue Beat
    Deep dark blue
  • Doe
    Creamy neutral brown
  • Burnt Violet
    Dark plum
  • Mulling Spices
    Burgundy brownred
  • Driftwood
    Soft lilac beige
  • Lobster
    Burnt orange
  • Double Fudge
    Intense dark brown
  • Habanero
    Vibrant orange red
3 g / 0.1 US oz
  • Sweet & Sour  Cremesheen
    Soft peach cream
  • Saigon Summer  Cremesheen
    Frosted bright orange
  • Pink Pearl Pop  Cremesheen
    Frosted midtonal pink
  • Ravishing  Cremesheen
    Clean light peachy coral
  • Sunny Seoul  Cremesheen
    Frosted light warm pink
  • Speed Dial  Cremesheen
    Light blue pink
  • Crosswires  Cremesheen
    Clean pinky orange
  • Coral Bliss  Cremesheen
    Frosted light coral
  • Speak Louder  Cremesheen
    Clean poppy blue pink
  • Crème d'Nude  Cremesheen
    Pale muted peach beige
  • Shy Girl  Cremesheen
    Creamy neutral coral beige
  • Japanese Maple  Cremesheen
    Frosted light beige
  • Pure Zen  Cremesheen
    Frosted warm nude
  • Crème Cup  Cremesheen
    Light blue pink
  • Fanfare  Cremesheen
    Mid-tone yellow pink
  • On Hold  Cremesheen
    Mid-tone yellow raspberry
  • Shanghai Spice  Cremesheen
    Frosted neutral pink
  • Peach Blossom  Cremesheen
    Frosted cool nude
  • Modesty  Cremesheen
    Muted neutral pink
  • Hot Gossip  Cremesheen
    Mid-tone pinky plum
  • Lickable  Cremesheen
    Bright clean blue pink
  • Crème In Your Coffee  Cremesheen
    Creamy mid-tone pink brown
  • Brave Red  Cremesheen
    Bright yellow red
  • Dare You  Cremesheen
    Deep brown red
  • Party Line  Cremesheen
    Red-toned plum
  • Hang-up  Cremesheen
    Deep berry

Retro Matte Lipstick

Long-Wearing, Full Coverage, Completely Matte Finish

3 g / 0.1 US oz
  • Relentlessly Red  Retro Matte
    Bright pinkish coral matte
  • All Fired Up  Retro Matte
    Bright fuschia matte
  • Flat Out Fabulous  Retro Matte
    Bright plum matte
  • Ruby Woo  Retro Matte
    Very matte vivid blue-red
3 g / 0.1 US oz
  • Reel Sexy  Amplified
    Bright coral
  • Morange  Amplified Creme
    Loudmouth orange
  • Neon Orange  Amplified
    Bright clean orange
  • Saint Germain  Amplified Creme
    Clean pastel pink
  • Fusion Pink  Amplified
    Bright pink
  • Impassioned  Amplified Creme
    Amped-up fuchsia
  • Full Fuschia  Amplified
    Bright warm pink
  • Chatterbox  Amplified Creme
    Bright red-pink
  • Show Orchid  Amplified
    Very Hot Pink
  • Vegas Volt  Amplified Creme
    Full power coral
  • Blankety  Amplified Creme
    Soft pink beige
  • Diva-ish  Amplified
    Intense fuschia
  • Girl About Town  Amplified Creme
    Bright blue fuchsia
  • Half 'n Half  Amplified Creme
    Creamy pink
  • Brick-O-La  Amplified Creme
    Mid-tone berry
  • Craving  Amplified Creme
    Burst of plum
  • Cosmo  Amplified Creme
    Pink coco
  • Fast Play  Amplified Creme
    Neutral pink
  • Up The Amp  Amplified Creme
    Lavender violet
  • Double Shot  Amplified
    Full-bodied mocha cream
  • Dubonnet  Amplified Creme
    Mid-tone wine
  • Tabla  Amplified
    Chocolate brown
  • Violetta  Amplified
    Bright clean violet purple
  • Dark Side  Amplified Creme
    Deep burgundy
3 g / 0.1 US oz
  • Gel  Frost
    Sheer metallic beige
  • Tanarama  Frost
    Pale beige with golden shimmer
  • Sandy B  Frost
    Light shell pink
  • Costa Chic  Frost
    Frosty light coral
  • Angel  Frost
    Soft pink
  • Plastique  Frost
    Peach-brown with bronze pearl
  • Ramblin' Rose  Frost
    Pinky-coral rose
  • Meltdown  Frost
    Bright orange with shimmer
  • Bombshell  Frost
    Bright rosy-pink with shimmer
  • CB 96  Frost
    Bright pinky-orange withpearl
  • Fabby  Frost
    Mauve with gold pearl
  • High Strung  Frost
    A deep pink silver
  • Sequin  Frost
    Plum-pink with pink shimmer
  • Jist  Frost
    Tanned apricot
  • Bronze Shimmer  Frost
    Golden bronze with shimmer
  • Strength  Frost
    Peachy-brown with shimmer
  • Creme de la Femme  Frost
    Pink laced with gold
  • Chintz  Frost
    Bronzed-brown with shimmer
  • "O"  Frost
    Purplish-red with golden pearl
  • Fluid  Frost
    Plum-brown with violet shimmer
  • Plum Dandy  Frost
    Plum frosted with bronze
  • Fresh Moroccan  Frost
    Brick red with gold pearl
  • Fetish  Frost
    Brown with copper shimmer
  • Odyssey  Frost
    Spiked-up plum
  • New York Apple  Frost
    Muted red with pink shimmer



3 g / 0.1 US oz
  • Russian Red  Matte
    Intense bluish-red
  • Candy Yum-Yum  Matte
    Neon pink
  • Pink Pigeon  Matte
    Bright cleanest pink
  • Silly  Matte
    Bright white pink
  • So Chaud  Matte
    Intense reddish-orange
  • Lady Danger  Matte
    Vivid bright coral-red
  • Please Me  Matte
    Muted-rosy-tinted pink
  • Pink Plaid  Matte
    Dirty blue-pink
  • Kinda Sexy  Matte
    Neutral pinky-rose
  • No Faux Pas  Matte
    Yellow hot pink
  • Velvet Teddy  Matte
    Deep-tone beige
  • Honeylove  Matte
    Light beige toned with rose
  • Yash  Matte
    Deep neutral
  • Mehr  Matte
    Mid-tone mauve pink
  • Taupe  Matte
    Muted reddish-taupe brown
  • Chili  Matte
    Warm brick red
  • Diva  Matte
    Intense reddish-burgundy
  • Heroine  Matte
    Bright purple
  • Sin  Matte
    Deep dark blue red
  • Smoked Purple  Matte
    Deep eggplant purple
3 g / 0.1 US oz
  • Sushi Kiss  Satin
    Midtonal coral cream
  • Myth  Satin
    Light neutral nude
  • Snob  Satin
    Light neutral pink
  • Fleshpot  Satin
    Pale muted pinky-beige
  • Hollywood Cerise  Satin
    Magenta berry
  • Pink Nouveau  Satin
    Bright pink
  • Peachstock  Satin
    Creamy beige peach
  • Brave  Satin
    Pink-beige with white pearl
  • Cherish  Satin
    Soft muted peachy-beige
  • Siss  Satin
    Muted golden beige
  • Faux  Satin
    Muted mauve-pink
  • Twig  Satin
    Soft muted brownish-pink
  • Amorous  Satin
    Lovestruck cranberry
  • Captive  Satin
  • MAC Red  Satin
    Vivid bright bluish-red
  • Mocha  Satin
    Peachy yellow-brown
  • Spirit  Satin
    Muted pinky-beige brown
  • Retro  Satin
    Muted peachy-pinky brown
  • Cardinal  Satin
    Yellow burgundy red
  • Del Rio  Satin
    Muted plum-brown
  • Verve  Satin
    Muted brownish-plum
  • Paramount  Satin
  • Photo  Satin
    Golden brown
  • Film Noir  Satin
    Intense brown
  • Rebel  Satin
    Midtonal cream plum
  • Media  Satin
    Intense reddish-purple
  • Cyber  Satin
    Intense blackish-purple
3 g / 0.1 US oz
  • Hue  Glaze
    Soft pale pink
  • Frou  Glaze
    Soft beige with silver shimmer
  • Pervette  Glaze
    Soft bright pink with violet opalescent shimmer
  • Hot Tahiti  Glaze
    Soft reddish-coral
3 g / 0.1 US oz
  • Highlights  Lustre
    Very pale creamy peach
  • Pure Vanity  Lustre
    Pale peach nude
  • Tangerine Dream  Lustre
    Warm orange cream
  • Real Doll  Lustre
    Light pinky lilac
  • Razzledazzler  Lustre
    Light cream peach
  • Catty  Lustre
    Light creamy pink
  • Make Me Gorgeous  Lustre
    Intense coral pink
  • French Twist  Lustre
    Light pinky nude
  • Pretty Please  Lustre
    Pale pink pearl
  • Real Redhead  Lustre
    Mauve nude
  • Lipblossum  Lustre
    Shimmering pink
  • Lustering  Lustre
    Outspoken pink
  • Shy Shine  Lustre
    Shimmering mauve
  • Lovelorn  Lustre
    Emotive blue pink
  • Patisserie  Lustre
    Sheer creamy neutral pink
  • Politely Pink  Lustre
    Dirty pink
  • Plink!  Lustre
    Warm seashell pink
  • Giddy  Lustre
    Lightheaded Pink Shimmered With Gold
  • Freckletone  Lustre
    Neutral peach
  • See Sheer  Lustre
    Grapefruit pink
  • Milan Mode  Lustre
    Sheer deep pink with multidimensional pearl
  • Notice Me  Lustre
    Pale lilac
  • High Tea  Lustre
    Beiged pink with pearl
  • Call The Hairdresser!  Lustre
    Rosey mauve
  • Jubilee  Lustre
    Naked beigey-pink
  • Hug Me  Lustre
    Flesh pink
  • Lady Bug  Lustre
    Yellow tomato
  • Syrup  Lustre
    Cloudy Pink
  • Midimauve  Lustre
    Rosy mauve with pearl
  • Plumful  Lustre
    Blossoming rose-plum
  • Fresh Brew  Lustre
    Creamed coffee
  • Sweetie  Lustre
    Ultra-sweet pink
  • Capricious  Lustre
    Fanciful Rose Plum
  • Polished Up  Lustre
    Foxy brown
  • Charismatic  Lustre
    Terracotta with gold
  • Touch  Lustre
    Peachy Cinnamon
  • Sophisto  Lustre
    Dewy plum rose with gold
  • Cockney  Lustre
    Sheer yellow red with multidimensional pearl
  • Spice It Up!  Lustre
    Mulled brown berry
  • Desire  Lustre
    Warmed burgandy wine
  • Flamingo  Lustre
    Light milky bright coral

Viva Glam Lipstick

Powerful, Philanthropic, M·A·C Heritage

3 g / 0.1 US oz
  • Viva Glam IV  Frost
    Mid-tone rose with gold pearl
  • Viva Glam II  Satin
    Muted pink-beige with shimmer
  • Viva Glam III  Matte
    Muted brownish-plum
  • Viva Glam I  Matte
    Intense brownish blue-red
  • Viva Glam V  Lustre
    Neutral pink with pearl
  • Viva Glam VI  Lustre
    Terracotta-plum with pearl

Mineralize Rich Lipstick

Nourishing, Luxurious, Lightweight

3.6 g / 0.12 US oz
  • Good Taste
    Fuschia Pink
  • Lady at Play
    Mid-tonal cool tangerine
  • Be Fabulous
    Washed out Pastel Pink
  • Be A Lady
    Midtone Coral
  • Style Surge
    Neutral coral cream
  • Elegant Accent
    Mid-tonal warm rose cream
  • Everyday Diva
    True red cream
  • Ladies Who Lunch
    Light cool pink cream
  • Luxe Naturale
    Light beige cream
  • Dreaminess
    Soft cool pink cream
  • Pure Pout
    Dirty Cool Beige
  • Divine Choice
    Mid-tonal cool pink cream
  • Posh Tone
    Soft warm nude cream
  • So Good
    Deep Magenta
  • Glamour Era
    Mid-tonal warm brown frost
  • Grande Dame
    Mid-tonal neutral rose cream
  • Bold Spring
    Deep Blue Pink